Novelty & Celebration Cakes

"Cakes are special, Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember. It's all about the memories," - Buddy Valastro

All our novelty cakes are created with the greatest care and attention to detail.

"I have had my cakes made by Treat me Sweet for the last year now.. Every single one of them has been incredible! Sam is an absolute genius and I'm pretty sure she could make ANYTHING!! The best part about these amazing works of art is, it all tastes incredible. All my guests comment on how incredible the taste is. Last year for my fiancĂ©'s 30th I gave Sam a list of things he loved and asked her to do what she could... This went from zombies to kayaks, even down to his business logo. The cake was spectacular and one we will never forget.. Thank you Treat me Sweet, you are professional, organised and in my opinion, the best cake business around." - Hayley Jones 

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