Cupcakes & Sweet Treats

Delicious cupcakes are good for ANY occasion. Cupcakes have been used to replace the traditional wedding cake and/or compliment a single tiered cutting cake. The delicious individual cakes are great to give to guests at any event and look great individually boxed as a special gift or as a Favour. Favours come with a personalised message and matching ribbon

Cupcakes are the ultimate treat to celebrate your birthday, sharing amongst friends and come in Individual boxes, Double boxes (Perfect for anniversaries and valentines), 4, 6 and 12 hole boxes.

At Treat me Sweet we offer not only the classic sized cupcakes but both the Giant Cupcake and Mini Cupcake options.

Prices start from £1.00 for minis and £2.00 for the classic range

Contact us today for your delicious cupcakes that come in a variety of flavours.

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